About Us

Patterns is a Leading Millinery online store in Nigeria. We supply Millinery materials, Fabrics, we create and design hats/fascinators based on specific orders. We ship worldwide and offer in store services

Our Brand

Patterns, is about a particular way something is done or organized. At patterns we are consistent in the quality of materials, colours, shapes and sizes of our products making your projects , creations and design come alive.

Our Products

Our range of products include selling of top quality millinery materials, Fabrics, Bespoke hat, Fascinators turbans ,hair accessories etc

Our Customers

INDIVIDUALS {Middle and Upper Class} Females who are trendsetters and understand the business of making fashion statements

BUSINESSES { Startups, Entreprenuers, Creator and Designers in the millinery industry}.

Our Commitment

At Patterns, we thrive on the quality, affordability and source of our supply of our stocks. We continually follow fashion trends and seasonally add to our collections to offer you the best in style, textile, texture, design and colours

Our Services

We offer  in store ,online service and delivery services